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Our soft foam, table edge cushion helps protect your infant or toddler from sustaining an injury to their face and head.

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Our Story began almost 2 years ago when my family went to eat at a local restaurant with our son Liam, who was approximately 9 months old at the time. Like most families, we requested a highchair for our son which was brought promptly to the edge of the table we were seated at. At this age, Liam loved being able to be independent and be in his own seat; free from our laps or his baby carrier! Honestly we enjoyed it also! So, Liam is happy, giggling, and gawking at everything around him when it happens. Whack! Mid-giggle, Liam leaned forward and smacked the table edge with his mouth. Our hearts broke when we heard the sound, heard him scream in pain, and then saw the blood on his mouth. After a hectic 5 minutes of screams, ice application and lots of consoling, Liam finally returned to a semi calm state. Luckily, the injury Liam sustained was minor and only resulted in a fat lip, but we still felt terrible and responsible for the mishap. As soon as we got home from dinner, I began searching the internet for the table edge safety device I was sure I could find and purchase to prevent the restaurant disaster from ever occurring again. To my surprise it did not exist! Thus, our idea for the Grin Grabber™ was born! Our goal was simply to create a product that was portable and very easy to use and would help keep other children from getting hurt in the same fashion Liam had. We feel we have succeeded and hope you enjoy your Grin Grabber™ and know that it will

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